Right to Life – How about the right to a FULL Life? Not just first 40 weeks… In Uteral!

We hear this debate, argument rather, between Right to Life and Pro-Choice.  I try to stay out of the politics/religious end of everything; however, those that know me know that I do have opinions that can only be squelched for so long.  On the Pro-Life side of it, I hear people talking about these women as though they have made their decision with the flip of a coin. This is an extremely emotional issue and a decision of which I’m certain was not made without a great deal of thought, pain, fear and tears.  That said, not ONE of these individuals in the Pro-Life movement seem to be willing to pay their fair share of taxes so that these birthed fetuses will have a proper education or a roof over their head; or how about just food in their belly and parents that will love them and nurture them?

Pro Choice is just that, the option for me, as a woman (and…should I choose, if that option is available to me, my partner) to choose to keep my child, give it up for adoption, or abort.  Again, these decisions aren’t decisions made lightly.  For instance, I remember when I was twenty-one and found out I was pregnant.  I didn’t know what I was going to do.  I was un-married and barely making enough money to keep myself afloat.  I had a mother who would tell me (had pounded it into me in fact) that, should I ever find that I was pregnant, she would help me through the pregnancy.  But, once I was through it, I would be on my own [period].

Knowing that, and knowing I would be despised by her (and possibly by my whole family) for my predicament (or so I thought) I was frightened beyond belief.  I went to Planned Parenthood to get tested.  And after waiting, the response came back and I was told, “you are pregnant.”  Now, what I didn’t, and still don’t agree with was what they asked next, “do you want to keep it?”  With the assumption that I would have an abortion; there wasn’t any discussion or counseling.  Then again, this was in the 80’s and so much has changed.

So, what am I saying? What I’m saying is that I would like to see both sides of this issue finally coming together for the sake of the mothers and the children (unborn and born alike).  Because I don’t believe that the “Right to Life” movement truly cares a fig about Life.  If they did, then so much more would be done for our youngsters in and out of school.  They would care more about Arts programs and Sports programs for their neighborhoods in the ‘burbs’, ‘Up and Down-Town’, the inner-city than for the fetus that is already being fed by the mother carrying it.

You see, I believe this movement is more about the Bible and ‘getting a place in Heaven’ than it is about Humanity and caring about life.  How can you care about life while at the same time condoning the Death Penalty?  Or the right to bear arms in a society where more and more of our children are dying as a result of drive-by shootings?  Again, the life of the Fetus? V. the life of the Child?

4 week old Fetus – carries more of the country’s attentionAs Opposed to anyone surviving over 40 weeks

You choose, it’s your Choice.

4 thoughts on “Right to Life – How about the right to a FULL Life? Not just first 40 weeks… In Uteral!

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    In recognition of the anniversary of Roe V. Wade, I thought I would re-post my thoughts on the subject and ask, why is it that they seem to care so much about the life of a fetus and so little about the lives of our children? Education? Who needs to place money there. After school programs, arts, sports? We don’t need that. Child care? Psha!

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